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We are proud to be partnered with the very best industry leading companies and are committed to providing this technology locally.

RPS Automationn Staff
Franso Groenewald
Dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to local industries..
Inventive Solutions.


Welcome to RPS Automation

Established in 2023, RPS Automation is an affiliated company with close ties to our partners,

Resin Processing Solutions and Robatech SA. Specialising in the bonding and gluing environment,

our partnership offers a comprehensive solution, making us your one-stop shop for automated gluing and bonding equipment.


Expertise that Counts

Founded by industry veterans, RPS Automation boasts a combined experience of 36 years in the bonding and gluing domain. Our seasoned professionals bring expertise to every project, ensuring precision and reliability.


One Stop for Automation

RPS Automation is dedicated to providing both standard and custom solutions to automate your gluing and material handling processes. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, we aim to elevate your operations through cutting-edge automation technology.


Discover the difference with RPS Automation

Your trusted partner in automated gluing and bonding solutions.

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