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Mastering Automation

Unlock the potential of efficiency with our bespoke automation solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs

Automating industries, powering the future.
Automation Solutions.  

Why Choose Us

Choose RPS Automation for your automation needs and benefit from our specialized expertise in robotic programming, CAD design, manufacturing, fabrication, and PLC programming. With meticulous in-house assembly and testing, we ensure quality and reliability in every solution.


Backed by 36 years of industry experience, we offer repeatable, accurate solutions that improve product quality, enhance employee work quality, increase output, and reduce cost per part. Discover the difference with RPS Automation – your trusted partner in automated gluing and bonding solutions.

robotic programming, CAD design, manufacturing, fabrication, and PLC programming

Any Industry.

 RPS Automation offers solutions for material removal, polishing, inspection, serial marking, pick and place,

machine tending and material handling, laser welding.
RPS Automation is focused on powering companies by utilizing automation.

We have your Solution.


Working with the Best Partners.

We are an industry leading company supplying resin processing machinery to the African market.  ​
Gluing Solutions, cold glue, hot melt
SPH Global
Universal Robots
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