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Cold Glue Cleaning Agent

Gard DEV 16

SKU: RO.0000004
R1 568,36Price
  • DEV 16 is a blended water-based cleaner that thoroughly removes cold adhesives and coatings.

    It’s been developed to clean and eliminate cold adhesive including PVA, casein and starch residues from key areas in the bottling, food and packaging industries.

    The water-based formulation makes DEV 16 exceptionally cost-effective. It’s non-flammable, odourless and safe to use on all surfaces where cold glue is a problem, such as bottling lines and label brushes and label pallets.

    DEV 16 can also be used as a soak tank product to clean and remove cold glue build-up from label pallets and components.

    DEV 16 is:

    • Non Toxic
    • Non Flammable
    • Odourless In Use
    • NSF Approved
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