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VOC Free Hot Melt Cleaner

Gard Oleo 60

  • Gard Oleo 60 is a VOC-free hot melt cleaner specifically developed to clean and remove hot melt adhesive residues.

    It’s perfect for use in the bottling, food, nonwoven and packaging industries and contains no VOCs (volatile organic content), so it releases no toxic emissions into the air during use. 

    Gard Oleo 60 is a low-odour, non citrus-based hot melt cleaning agent that’s safe to use on label brushes, vacuum drums, plastic machine guards, seals and o-rings.

    Gard Oleo 60 is:

    • Non Toxic
    • Non Flammable
    • Odourless In Use
    • NSF Approved
  • Please email orders to:

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